Local Trainer Net
LTN is the official licesened distributor of Coaching Eye in the US. We are based in Atlanta, Georgia.  And registered with GA Secretary of State.  Local Trainer Net is deidcated to bringing the best resources to the American coach and player.

  1. Steve Hutton
    Steve Hutton
    President Located in Atlanta Georgia, Steve has been a soccer coach and administrator for more than 24 years. He holds a USSF A License and attended Virginia Tech
  2. Bobby Ashworth
    Bobby Ashworth
    Business operations Bob is a former player at Virginia Tech and coach of youth teams. He still plays and referees games. Bobby is a husband, and the father of two beautiful girls.
  3. Dieter Heimen
    Dieter Heimen
    International Liaison Dieter has extensive experience in professional soccer in Germany as a player, coach, and agent.
Our Staff

Michael Kadel is a husband and father and is 39 years old. He was born in Rimbach (Odenwald), a small village in Germany.

Germany is not only the current soccer World Cup holder, it is also the country of inventors.
Why not couple this excitement for soccer with the ingenuity and thus improve soccer in an amateur as well as a professional context?
This was the ambition of Michael Kadel, who developed a new video system for the team sport soccer with his passion.
He has been a successful soccer player since his childhood and attained his trainer certification while he was still an active player.
Today, he has the A-level trainer certification, teaches the trainers for the “Baden soccer association” and coaches the U15-soccer team of Baden.

Coaching Eye Inventor
Michael Kadel